The Tree Farm is located on almost 43 acres in El Jebel, Colorado, in the heart of the Roaring Fork valley, and is seeking Preliminary Plan approval from Eagle County. The project is designed as a transit-oriented, pedestrian-friendly, green-built community, with attainable housing for local residents. There will be 340 new residences built over the next 15 years. The community’s design provides safe and easy access to regional transit, parks and open space, a vast trail network and has an extensive sustainable energy component.

Affordable & Attainable Housing

Around 80% of The Tree Farm project will be made up of housing. The Tree Farm includes 340 residential units for rent or ownership, with an average unit size of 1,117 square feet (SF).

Making up a portion of the housing component of the project will be 43 affordable rental apartments completed during Phase I. These 43 apartments will be rent-controlled with a covenant requiring monthly rents to be set at the 80% Area Median Income (AMI) affordability level.

In addition to the affordable rental apartments, there will also be approximately 140 market-rate apartments for rent, envisioned to be priced at the 100-120% AMI affordability level.

The remainder of the housing units will consist of approximately 157 loft condominiums for sale, envisioned to be priced at the 120-140% AMI affordability level.

The Tree Farm will also institute a voluntary 1% Real Estate Transfer Assessment (RETA) to be used to help fund other affordable housing solutions and/or assist with local day care needs.

Commercial Uses

Approximately 20% of The Tree Farm community will be comprised of commercial uses. These uses are intended to supplement and support existing uses in El Jebel, while creating new opportunities for economic development in the mid-valley. The anticipated commercial uses are:

  • Restaurant: 20,184 SF
  • Retail: 26,912 SF
  • Office: 26,912 SF
  • Lodging: 60,551 SF

No single retail user over 30,000 SF is allowed within The Tree Farm, thereby preventing the development of “big box” or large grocery stores.

Transit Orientation

A major design goal for The Tree Farm is to create a transit-oriented community. The Tree Farm has been designed around an existing RFTA transit station, providing a central connectivity hub for the project. Eighty-two percent of the project is within a 10 minute walk of the transit station. The Tree Farm will also include 20 parking spaces for the use of RFTA patrons, and a “kiss-and-ride” drop off area will be located along Kodiak Drive adjacent to the transit station.


The Tree Farm has set a high standard for sustainable design and building practices. The Community design has been given an initial rating of LEED ND Gold by a LEED Certified professional. To encourage cost-effective and sustainable site planning and building methods, building projects within The Tree Farm will achieve 50% more points than are required by Eagle County’s EcoBuild program.

To further the sustainability goals of the community, The Tree Farm will provide at least 200 kilowatts of solar electric panels for the benefit of buildings within the community. Additional alternative energy production opportunities have been incorporated into the community, which allow for building and/or ground mounted solar electric systems.

Landscaping within the community has been designed to integrate buildings into the site, provide visual screening from Highway 82, reduce heat island effects by providing shade, increase air quality, use native plant materials where practical, and to promote a healthy living environment.

Parks, Open Space & Trails

Over half of the overall project is being dedicated to open space. The Open Space Plan for The Tree Farm community comprises 22.2 acres, or almost 52% of the total community’s acreage. The site design includes a variety of formal parks, natural and reclaimed areas and an extensive pedestrian and bicycle trail system.

A community park is located adjacent to the north side of the lake and will serve a variety of community functions. This park is envisioned as an active recreational amenity and contains a community garden, playground area, and large open turf area for informal recreation.

The trail system has been designed to provide strong pedestrian connections between each area while promoting recreation and healthy lifestyles. A multi-use Lakeside Trail will loop around Kodiak Lake. In addition to the trail network, a vast network of public pedestrian sidewalks and plazas will contribute to efficient, convenient, and healthy mobility throughout the community.


The Tree Farm is multi-year project that is expected to be fully developed over the next 15 years.

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